Streaming Analytics


Medical devices generate thousands of data points per second. This data contains patterns that could help detect severe health events before they happen and form the foundation of predictive care for critically ill patients.

Excel Medical, in partnership with IBM’s® TJ Watson Laboratories, has developed Streaming Analytics™, a first-of-a-kind technology for analyzing volumes of unstructured streaming physiological data by integrating its BedMasterEx data acquisition platform with IBM’s InfoSphere™ Streams technology.

Excel’s Streaming Analytics allows clinicians and data scientists to capture and analyze patterns from physiological data allowing faster intervention in avoiding life-threatening events, improved patient safety, better outcomes and lower costs of treatment.

Now with almost 20 leading academic medical centers and children’s hospitals deploying its Streaming Analytics platform, Excel has formed the Streaming Analytics Users Group, a community of leading data scientists, clinicians, researchers and industry leaders that meets annually, to change the way critical care and medical-surgical medicine is practiced.

A team headed by Dr. Tim Buchman, professor of surgery and director of the Emory University School of Medicine’s Center for Critical Care, is pioneering Emory’s “ICU of the Future” project by using the Streaming Analytics platform. Thousands of data points per second per patient are being collected and analyzed by the Streaming Analytics, promising to help physicians recognize and predict potentially life-threatening scenarios and intervene faster.


Big data is driving massive changes in healthcare. Hear from Founder and Director of Emory Center for Clinical Care Dr. Tim Buckman and Executive VP and CFO of the largest health care delivery system in Georgia USA, Matt Muhart. Both deliver better safer care at lower costs with big data and analytics. Using IBM streaming tools and the clinical data capturing/archiving system BedMaster from Excel Medical.