BedMasterEx. Data acquisiton and infinite storage of medical device data.


What is the BedMasterEx software solution?

BedMasterEx™ acquires and stores waveforms, vital signs numerics and alarms produced by GE Healthcare patient monitoring systems. BedMasterEx can connect to additional medical equipment using the BedComm software tool.

With BedMasterEx’s high-speed interface connectivity, Excel lets clinicians liberate patient data.

The BedMasterEx system is an automated real-Time 24/7 patient data acquisition & distribution system which acquires all patient vital signs, all clinical waveforms and all patient alarms processed by GE patient monitors.

Where is the data stored?

The acquired patient data is maintained in the BedMasterEx database for a timeline determined by the hospital to support clinical case review, research, alarm analytics, and the quality control objectives of the clinical department or hospital. In addition, patient data can be exported/imported in an HL7/XML format to/from EMR systems or other hospital systems specified by the hospital.

The BedMasterEx system is a Microsoft Windows dotNet application which is usually implemented in a client/server environment. The system can be configured to function in the technical infrastructure found in most hospital information system departments.

BedMasterEx Server Software and database

Data acquisition platform acquires and stores physiological waveforms, vital signs and clinical alarms from GE's patient monitoring systems and multi-vendor medical devices across the hospital enterprise. Data is time-aligned and stored indefinitely or as determined by each care unit or department. The database is MS-SQL.  The server system allows automatic delete routines e.g x days after discharge, x days after relocation to another department, exceptions can be defined.

The server hardware can be purchased through your local vendor.

BedMasterEx Client Software

The BedMasterEx client application provides clinicians and researchers with visualization of medical data such as patients’ physiological waveforms, vital sign trending, clinical alarms and digital shift report data. Hospital IT departments can securely deploy the HIPAA compliant BedMasterEx client on standard Windows workstations or within client technologies such as Citrix and App-V for remote access and management. BedMasterEx allows for multi-hospital enterprise configuration and clinical video integration.


Bedmaster can integrate time synchronized video sequences. High resoluted video streams can be integrated in the Bedmaster system alligned with the correct time stamps.

Integration of various medical equipment

While the GE monitors are integrated through it's monitor network, individual medical equipment can be connected through the Bedcomm software. An ever growing bibliography of drivers is available.

How does BedmasterEX look and feel?

BedmasterEX is a near real time high resolution system that uses tabs to select between connected devices, vital signs, waveforms, alarm, video, activites and configurable reports.

Configurable trends

Configurable numerics - tabular vitals

Full disclosure of selectable waveforms

Configurable waveforms

Alarms and associated waveforms

Optional video integrating with matching monitoring data