Alarm Navigator for GE vital signs monitoring


Why alarm analytics helps to reduce alarm fatique

Alarm Navigator™ is a data acquisition software platform that captures alarm data from patient monitoring networks. It allows clinicians to dissect data by care area, alarm type, even shift and bed. Its web-based accessibility allows patient safety committees, nursing leadership and technology experts to establish alarm baselines, evaluate progress and modify alarm strategies and address Joint Commissions National Patient Safety Goal on Alarm Management.


Alarm Navigator acquires clinical alarms from GE Healthcare patient monitoring systems, as well as ancillary medical devices such as ventilators. By including all corresponding waveforms, Alarm Navigator provides a more accurate context for better analysis and differentiation between false-positives and actionable alarms. It allows customized report building and clinical alarm analysis for the entire hospital enterprise.

EMR Alarm Integration: Traditionally, telemetry shift reports (or cardiac strip reports) has been a series of manual, time-consuming tasks requiring clinicians to process information by printing, scanning and hand-delivering documents throughout the hospital. Excel/Anandic automates this process and adds unique functionality that allows central monitor technicians to send alarm strips with waveforms and vitals from GE Healthcare Carescape/Unity patient monitors and ventilators to the EMR and handheld devices simultaneously.