BedMaster Products



Excel BedMasterEx™ data acquisition liberates physiological waveforms, vital signs and clinical alarm data from GE Healthcare monitor-networks and Philips Healthcare’s Intellivue platforms. It can archive all data infinitely. BedMasterEx offers near real time views from any location, review of data, extended trend views, custom reports and data export to scientifc software solutions as well as infinite archiving for legal reassurance.




The BedComm™ platform integrates data from non networked patient monitors, bedside medical devices and wireless devices into the BedMaster platform or hospital EMR. Automation of vital sign documentation creates safer, more efficient and accurate care environments while bringing improved financial results to the hospital’s bottom line.




Excel’s Alarm Navigator™ is a data acquisition software platform that captures alarm data from patient monitoring networks.

When more than 90% of alarms are false positives, this web-based alarm analytics tool gives hospital patient safety and alarm fatigue committees a data-driven approach for better understanding and managing alarm fatigue.

Use empirical data to fight alarm fatigue.





In partnership with IBM’s® TJ Watson Laboratories, Excel has developed Streaming Analytics™, a first-of-a-kind technology for analyzing volumes of unstructured streaming physiological data by integrating its BedMasterEx data acquisition platform with IBM’s InfoSphere™ Streams technology.



The BedComm MVC platform wirelessly delivers vital sign monitor data to the EMR with secure, customizable and streamlined workflows. Together with Excel’s CarePanel™, vital signs are acquired from vital sign monitors, such as the GE Dinamap/VC100. They are then transmitted live across a hospital’s wireless network to the BedComm server for delivery to the EMR/HIS, reducing potential errors due to manual transcription of data.