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Excel Medical is an innovator in medical device data acquisition, storage and clinical integration for hospital enterprises.


Excel technology captures GE Healthcare patient monitor waveforms, numerics and alarm documentation, and then saves the data infinitely and/or integrates the dynamic and numeric data into the patient’s chart directly within the EMR/KIS/HIS. With BedComm we can integrate various medical measurement devices such as ventilators, specialty monitors etc. Export tools such as .xml are available for data migration to scientifc analytical programs.

With available computers from the offices or remotely the clinicians can access these data at any time for clinical optimisation, research purposes or legal validations.

Excel Medical is represented in Europe by it's Switzerland based partner Anandic Medical Systems AG. 

We improve data, workflow, decision-making, and patient care across the hospital ecosystem. Our software technologies go to the heart of the things that matter most in today’s medical settings, and make them better. Better for clinicians, nurses, techs, administrators – and most importantly, better for patients. Our technologies are used by more the top medical centers and children’s hospitals in the United States as well as leading healthcare facilities throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Various views on the continuous display and infinite archiving of all dynamic, numerical and alarm data in full disclosure and at user configurable interval. BedMasterEx ist a software-only solution which can be integrated in the IT hospital infrastructure.



We provide real-time capturing of dynamic and numeric clinical data for research purposes. We provide seamless legal documentations. We enable data integration in external systems. We provide data analytics incl. alarms.



BedMasterEx™ acquires and stores waveforms, vital signs and alarms produced by GE Healthcare patient monitoring systems. With BedMasterEx’s high-speed interface connectivity, Excel lets clinicians liberate patient data.


Excel’s BedComm™ Medical Device Integration (MDI) platform automates vital sign documentation for clinicians across a hospital. It delivers safe, reliable patient-, location- and device-centric workflows by integrating data.


Alarm Navigator

Excel’s Alarm Navigator™ is a data acquisition software platform that captures alarm data from patient monitoring networks. When more than 90% of alarms are false positives, this web-based alarm analytics tool gives hospital patient safety and alarm fatigue committees a data-driven approach.

Streaming Analytics

In partnership with IBM’s® TJ Watson Laboratories, we developed Streaming Analytics™, a first-of-a-kind technology for analyzing volumes of unstructured streaming physiological data by integrating its BedMasterEx data acquisition platform with IBM’s InfoSphere™ Streams technology.